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We have one simple goal. Make. Giving. Easy.

To that end, we have curated a collection of resources and links to help non-profits, individuals and their financial planners make giving easy. Want to learn more about the Advise Us Foundation or Donor-Advised Funds, contact us.

Links to National Donor-Advised-Fund Sponsoring Organizations

National sponsoring organizations

Fidelity Charitable

Schwab Charitable

Vanguard Charitable

American Endowment Foundation

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

National Philanthropic Trust

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Religious-affiliated Sponsoring Organizations

National Christian Foundation

Jewish Communal Fund

Links About Donor-Advised Funds and to Community Foundations

Legal background on charitable purpose of donor-advised funds

Tax advantages of donor-advised funds

Exploring the real pay-out rate of donor-advised funds – aggregate vs. each advised fund

IRS rules address transparency for DAF sponsoring organizations

Schwab Charitable Foundation’s guidelines for grant recommendations involving events, memberships and pledges

InFaith Community Foundation provides guidance to assist in creating a donor-advised fund to support scholarships

Comparing commercial donor-advised funds charitable foundations

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation report on philanthropists who use donor-advised funds as tool for impact investing

Across the country: stories from community foundations and the impact of donor-advised funds

Historical perspective of donor-advised funds

Boston College of Law conference “The Rise of Donor Advised Funds:  Should Congress Respond?

Building 21st Century Nonprofit Capital Markets:  The Role that Donor-Advised Funds Could Play by Andrea Levere

Donor-Advised Funds and the Shifting Charitable Landscape:  Why Congress Must Respond by Alan Cantor

Warm Glow and Donor-Advised Funds:  Insights from Behavioral Economics by James Andreoni

Donor-Advised Funds:  An Overview Using IRS Data by Paul Arnsberger

Donor-Advised Funds:  The Case for Consistent Principles by Thomas W. Bridge

The Complementary Roles of Community Foundations and National Donor-Advised Funds

The Zuckerberg-Chan Gift – is it good for philanthropy or is it even philanthropy?

Overview of why contributions to donor-advised funds that allow post-gift recommendations are fully deductible

Stories of Giving Back

Working man with modest lifestyle leaves $1 million legacy to community foundation

Volunteer and retired teacher leaves $1.71 million to The Detroit Institute of the Arts

Find your local community foundation

Find your local community foundation

About Donor-Advised-Funds and IRS Regulatory Links Regarding DAFs

Articles For and Against the Use of Donor Advised Funds

Opinion Piece by Ray D. Madoff in NYT – Congress must act on ensuring that money going to DAF only gets the qualifying deduction if it goes to charity in a reasonable period of time.

Donor-Advised-Funds are Example of Democratized Philanthropy

Picking the Best Donor-Advised-Fund Provider


Description of donor-advised funds from IRS

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