The Advise Us Foundation blogs about donor-advised funds and other planned strategies and techniques including charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. We offer this charitable giving information as a resource for donors, professionals, and charities that provide and plan gifts to non-profit organizations.

A Window of Opportunity: Donor Advised Fund before December 31?

On December 9th, the markets hit their 13th record close since the November elections. Accompanying the records in the market, we have also seen what feels like a record number of opinions of what the change in administrations will mean for taxes. Some of these opinions have focused on the potential tax changes and their effects on the charities and the charitable deduction. Fidelity Charitable offered what I consider a measured and reasonable framework for the possibilities. It is safe to conclude that there is at least a good likelihood that the benefits of giving in 2016 may be more tax wise than in future years. If you believe that to be true, these next few days may be ideal for starting a donor advised fund.

Estate Planning Procrastination Stopped by a Smartphone

Being a middle-aged man with a family, my wife and I have been reviewing our estate plans with the intention of revising them. 15 years ago, our attorney-led us through a relatively simple process. This time, I am searching for an app to help me manage the process. An app that will give us what we need to do if we plug in answers to a few multiple choice questions. Unfortunately, this app does not exist and I was stuck for a while trying to find out the status of our plans. In lieu a magical app, I have found the following helped me to break the cycle of procrastination in estate planning…